Tarmac Ulticolour in Abbey Field

Tarmac Ulticolour in Abbey Field

We can install tarmac ulticolour in a range of colours and specifications depending on your individual needs and requirements. Please complete our contact form for more information.

Ulticolour Sports Surfaces in Abbey Field

Ulticolour Sports Surfaces in Abbey Field

If you are looking to have ulticolour sports surfaces installed our team offer the very best installations. Please complete our contact form now for more information on prices and specifications.

Asphalt Colour Options in Abbey Field

Asphalt Colour Options in Abbey Field

There are a range of asphalt colour options available. If you would like to speak to us in more detail regarding the colours, please get in touch.

Tarmac Ulticolour in Abbey Field

Sometimes, a plain black or grey asphalt solution simply won’t do the job.  Across private driveways, public roads, playgrounds and more, Tarmac Ulticolour in Abbey Field CO2 7 is leading the way in helping businesses and homeowners achieve wonderfully vibrant and pleasing looks which come with durability and longevity guaranteed. 

Best prices guaranteed!


Tarmac and asphalt remains hugely popular on a global scale thanks to its sheer robustness.  It’s incredibly popular in the provision of playgrounds, public roads and other surfaces which require more than a little protection against wear and tear. 

Coloured tarmac and asphalt goes one step further.  Whether it is Ulitcolour, mastertint https://www.colouredasphalt.co.uk/mastertint/essex/abbey-field/ or something else, we can offer great prices.

Colour tarmac is asphalt, but not as you know it – for sports facilities, cycle lanes, private grounds, estate roads and more besides, Ulticolour is a brand and line which we are continuing to remain confident in from year to year. 

We are local suppliers and nearby experts in surfacing, maintenance and care – and we work hard to make sure that our clients and customers have an incredible variety of options to choose from when it comes to brightening up their public or private road and paving systems. 

If you would like more information on this surfacing type, please complete our contact form now.

Ulticolour Playgrounds

Playgrounds washed in pure black asphalt really won’t do much to inspire the kids that are expected to use them.  Why not consider going full colour?  Tarmac Ulticolour can be used to create a vibrant look for any playground or schoolyard space, allowing you to build resilient and safe play spaces for children which will also retain vibrancy throughout the years to come. 

Keeping up with the maintenance and painting of playground areas can be expensive and time-consuming.  Ulticolour playgrounds, perhaps recommended in the line’s porous 6mm range, withstand weather and years of daily, regular use. 

"Ulticolour was installed at our school and we are extremely impressed. Would recommend to anyone looking to install coloured surfacing."

Playground spaces built with this brand of tarmac are safe, exciting and cost-effective.  By all accounts, Ulticolour is a leading line when it comes to inspiring kids and keeping them safe during break and lunch times. 

The line is also a fantastic choice for public spaces, too – meaning that whether you are overseeing a school yard or otherwise, we will highly recommend this line of colours and styles to you. 

Let us take a closer look at your existing playground or plans and help you make the most practical decision!

Ulticolour Sports Surfaces

Tarmac Ulticolour in  Abbey Field CO2 7 can also be used to help bring a variety of sports courts and pitches to life, as well as to ensure their ease of use and continued safety.  Porous 6mm Ulticolour sports surfaces are durable enough to withstand a heavy pace and downpour after downpour. 

Regular asphalt is designed to offer longevity in use, but only premium lines offer fully permeable solutions.  Water collecting on sports surfaces can be a nightmare. 

Discuss your designs

Another great surface you might want to keep in mind is Natratex https://www.colouredasphalt.co.uk/natratex/essex/abbey-field/, which can also be used for various areas.

Avoiding flooding and standing water is a matter of health and safety, and it is therefore important not to continue using older, worn-down standards. 

Resurface with Tarmac Ulticolour and your customers will have access to a vibrant, hard-wearing new court or pitch to play on day after day. It’s a choice we recommend!

Ulticolour Uses

Throughout our work as a local Ulticolour installer, we’ve been in a position to recommend the line for a huge number of uses, private and public.  Ulticolour uses extend to and include:

  • Public road applications (for bus and cycle lanes)
  • Sports clubs
  • Stadiums
  • Playgrounds
  • Public facilities
  • Car parks
  • Private driveways. 

Tarmac Ulticolour can also be put to fantastic use in public parks and amenities, too.  Anywhere there is expected to be extensive foot or road traffic, this brand and line will pay for itself several times over years down the line. 

We continue to recommend the brand to homes and firms in our region and the surrounding area as not just a viable, but also a leading choice in coloured tarmac and asphalt.

Ultimate Coloured Asphalt

The ultimate coloured asphalt is not just that which performs above and beyond expectations, but also that which is created with care. 

Tarmac Ulticolour is one of the most environmentally-friendly surfacing options available on the market today, with sustainability at the forefront of the line’s marketing. 

This tarmac is supplied with full data on carbon footprint analysis and is produced as part of the parent brand’s commitment to producing tonnes of recycled aggregate year on year. 

Therefore, Tarmac Ulticolour in Abbey Field CO2 7 can be considered a responsible choice, as well as one which offers the durability and aesthetics you require.

Asphalt Colour Options

When it comes to choosing the right coloured tarmac for your project, you are going to need to look for a brand or line which offers as much quality choice as possible.  We love Tarmac Ulticolour for that very reason!

Get Ulitcolour Tarmac Installed

Opt for simple reds, terracottas and oranges, greens, buffs or blues – brighter, deeper colours work well for sports courts and playgrounds, while milder, more natural shades may work best for road markings and areas where you need to subtly advise of zones and markings. 

In any case, we will work closely with you to find the best palette and the best possible matches for you.

Ulticolour Specification in Abbey Field

The range of Ulticolour specification available will help to support a wide range of uses and needs.  From SMA standards to porous asphalt laid to withstand heavy weather and water, it’s important to us that we find you the best possible fit for your needs. 

If you’re unsure which options to take or which colours to try out, speak directly with our team and our team (https://www.colouredasphalt.co.uk/essex/abbey-field/) will be more than happy to look closely with you at what’s available. 

Bespoke asphalt surfacing using tarmac Ulticolour and more besides is cost-effective and available to you on a local basis – let us be your closest ally in the hunt for great-looking, resistant tarmac.

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