Mastertint Tarmacadam

Mastertint Tarmacadam

We are able to supply and install Mastertint tarmacadam surfaces in a variety of colours and designs, all across the UK.

Asphalt Mastertint

Asphalt Mastertint

If you are interested in the surfacing which we are able to install, we recommend that you contact our specialists to discuss the options.

Mastertint Surfacing

Mastertint Surfacing

We are able to design Mastertint surfacing for your projects and also offer advice on what we recommend for your surfacing design.

Mastertint Tarmacadam

If you are wanting to create coloured pathways, playground surfaces, roads and more, then Mastertint Tarmacadam is a great option. Asphalt is widely used for its incredible durability, its ease of application and its safety in use.


Mastertint goes one step further with a broad array of different colours and subtle shades which can be put to use across commercial and domestic applications alike. Why settle for plain black or grey tarmacadam when you can make things really stand out? Reliable coloured asphalt is widely available from our local team throughout the year, no matter what your needs may be.

Take a look at our range of projects from over the years and contact us if you have an immediate or forthcoming need for clearer road markings, a playground in need of resurfacing, or a driveway looking for a touch-up in colour and style

Be creative – be bold – and put this product to the test.

Mastertint Coloured Asphalt

Mastertint coloured asphalt is amongst some of the most appealing and useful surfacing combinations we supply today. Available in natural, conventional and more outlandish mixtures and concoctions, we supply this brand and range of surfacing to public bodies, companies and private individuals alike.

"We highly recommend this company! They great and were able to install Mastertint to an excellent standard!"

For councils and local authorities in need of public surfacing, for example, we can supply and install quick-setting and hard-wearing Mastertint tarmacadam for bus lanes, road markings and other zones. In the interest of public safety and road law, it is important for certain zones and areas to be clearly identifiable to road users and pedestrians alike.

This product is a real asset – it’s just one of many coloured asphalt options we supply, with a largely subtle and pleasing spectrum of colours and choice available on private and commercial bases. 

Schools, leisure facilities, car parks, stadiums, lanes and pathways – all can benefit from clear, pleasing road and path marking on behalf of our brilliant team and Mastertint’s masterful mix of colours and hues. Take a look at some of our previous work and some great markings and projects supported by the Mastertint palette over the years.

Tarmacadam Mastertint Colours

The big question is, which colours are available. From traditional shades to vibrant colours and markings which serve a purpose for years to come, Mastertint colours are available to you from the very start of any project you undertake with us.

Choose from silvers and greys to classic blue, leaf green and classic green, perfect for sports courts and playgrounds. Opt for terracotta, orange or classic red for perfect road markings that can easily be seen by motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike.

Buff, natural and light reflecting macadam is also available for certain uses and under certain circumstances – let us know a little bit more about your project and we will be sure to line you up with the best possible mix to withstand years of foot and vehicle traffic as per your needs.

We install throughout the UK


Choose a mix of colours in the Mastertint range to put together a creative look for leisure courts and sport facilities or to bring a school playground or yard to life with ease. If you already have a bespoke plan of action or an idea or design you’d like to lead with, let us take a close look with you and offer you the best colours and materials at our disposal.

As specialists in this industry, we can also install Supercolour Asphalt which is a similar product

We’ve supported nearby businesses and homeowners alike over the years with safe, practical macadam choices that look the part and help all who may come to use it.

Mastertint Approved Contractors

Only trusted professional experts can say that they are asphalt Mastertint approved contractors, and we are proud to be able to bear that accolade in our day to day projects. We aim to keep prices competitive and work hard to ensure that we have our finger on the pulse of the asphalt and surfacing industry.

We are passionate about what we do, and for many firms and individuals in our surrounding area, we are their closest beacon of support for surfacing and more besides. We never apply hidden fees and costs, and whether you are interested in this product, you can count on us to deliver high-quality surfacing at cost-effective rates when you need it the most.

Coloured Tarmacadam Finishes

Coloured tarmacadam finishes on behalf of Mastertint are some of the best in the industry. Durability is the key factor in surfacing full stop, and all coloured asphalt solutions we offer come with years of heavy, regular use and clear drainage guaranteed.

Colour finishes are widely used to mark roads and surfaces, though traditional paint can flake away and wear off relatively quickly. Minimal investment in this surfacing will provide you with month after month of solid, durable surfacing that loses neither its shine nor its colour.

Tarmacadam Mastertint

Many businesses and homeowners opt for tarmac Mastertint on name recognition alone. In our trade, it is a brand synonymous with quality and care, and we are proud to be able to continue installing this product on many projects.

This type of surface is commonly requested for:

  • Playgrounds
  • Public roads
  • Private paving solutions
  • Local areas

If you are interested in applying coloured asphalt to your road or playground in the near future, choose a brand that’s well-known and well-regarded by experts and individuals alike.

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Mastertint tarmacadam supports just some of the brilliant coloured surfacing solutions we help businesses and individuals with day in, day out.


If you would like to know more about the different products we work with, such as Natratex just ask us!

Interested in installing road markings or sports court surfacing to weather years of use without maintenance? Need surfacing experts near me to help with an upgrade to your existing surface? Enquire today with any project details you may have.

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