Natratex Asphalt in Ash

Natratex Asphalt in Ash

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Natratex Macadam Surfacing in Ash

Natratex Macadam Surfacing in Ash

We are specialist installers of Natratex and we are able to install this type of surface all across the UK.

Macadam Natratex Colour in Ash

Macadam Natratex Colour in Ash

If you are interested in this type of surface but unsure on somethings, we recommend that you get in touch with us who can discuss this product.

Natratex Asphalt in Ash

We are proud to be able to supply world-famous Natratex asphalt in Ash TQ6 0 as part of our focus on coloured surfacing and paving. We are local suppliers and experts in surfacing for roads, playgrounds, private paving and more throughout our surrounding area and beyond.

Natratex have a wonderful portfolio of amazing applications for residential surfacing, road paving, playground installations and more besides. It is their versatility which we recommend to our clients and customers with each and every project – and when it comes to discussing your needs and requirements with us, we will endeavour to recommend the brand wherever it may be appropriate and practical for us to do so.


Have look at some of the amazing coloured paving surface projects we’ve brought to life with this product over the years. Some of these have been installed using Ulticolour

It may be a good idea to look for inspiration, and for reassurance that we can provide durable, reliable and great-looking surfaces and paving for a wide array of uses.

Bituchem Natratex

Bituchem Natratex is a leading brand in coloured asphalt and paving for many different uses and applications. Perhaps most famously, the brand has been used to help create various facilities at Cheltenham racecourse, including disabled access and viewing areas.

Colours range from simple, subtle and natural to bright, vibrant and eye-catching.

The brand and line’s appeal lies both in its ease of application and in its ability to blend in seamlessly with existing installations and arrangements.

"The installation of our Natratex surface is to a very high standard and it looks amazing! We really recommend this company!"

We highly recommend this line of asphalt both for domestic and commercial needs, particularly where subtle, low-key zone control and/or resurfacing may be required. Coloured paving surface, Natratex lines arrive in various forms, from resin bound asphalt to masterprint concrete – in any case, this is long-lasting coloured paving which assures years of regular use and traffic as well as protection against weather and regular water.

Another great option for coloured macadam surfacing, would be Mastertint

Asphalt is generally well sought-after for its durability and its protective elements – and Bituchem’s Natratex line balances both of these aspects along with a stunning array and choice of colour and styles for homes, firms and public organisations to pick from.

NatraTex Colour

One look at our portfolio of projects will soon let you know that NatraTex Colour lines can be put to fantastic use in various different ways and means. The brand’s own website excitedly shares various instances where their colour options have been employed to help bring public playgrounds to life, and to ensure that retail parks and shopping precincts remain clearly marked and zoned off for safety and ease of navigation.

Natratex asphalt subtle colours are perfect for road marking and public safety – exuberant and impressive shades and styles to inspire creativity and play. Regardless of your needs or requirements in your project, we will be able to recommend products to you and to support you with fantastic surfacing from brands such as Natratex with complete confidence.

We offer great prices across the UK


It’s important to us that we work closely with you to understand exactly what you need and how you need it executing. Natratex colour is an asset to private and public projects alike, particularly as it takes away the need to rely upon paints and after-care colours which can sadly fade and flake away as the years go by.

Coloured asphalt we supply arrives with years of hard-wearing durability guaranteed – as well as the added benefit of our surfacing being completely resistant to water damage and erosion which can lead to accidents and unsightly marks and blemishes along the way.

A Natratex surface is one which is laid to last.

Coloured Paving Surface

Ever considered installing a coloured paving surface in Ash TQ6 0 as part of your private driveway, or to inspire local children in your public playground? Many people have – and we have helped scores of them in our local and surrounding area achieve incredible-looking coloured asphalt solutions, all designed and laid to their exact requests and requirements.

As such, we are confident that we're able to support your project with industry-leading mixes and shades that will inspire, protect and withstand an incredible amount of use. Plain black or grey asphalt can only do so much!

What are the Benefits of Natratex?

Some people might ask what the benefits of this product are. We have listed a few key benefits below:

  • Serves a great purpose in terms of durability and safety
  • A coloured surface offers a greater sense of personality
  • It can be put to fantastic practical use

Brands such as Bituchem work with us so that we can continue to offer almost limitless opportunities for nearby firms and homeowners to revitalise and upgrade their road and paving surfaces in style, and we can’t wait to show you what we can bring to your project.

Natratex Colours

There is a brilliant spectrum of colours and styles available. You only have to take a brief look at their online colour palette to get a taste of what’s available to you.

Interested in laying down a subtle, long-lasting surface in terracotta? Prefer to inspire kids at play with vibrant blues and greens? Choose from the brand’s fantastic Cotswold range, too, for a sophisticated and natural look to help partition roads and to bring a touch of calm to public streets and private driveways.

Natratex asphalt in Ash TQ6 0 is as much inspired by nature as it is by the colossal range of colours that appeal to each and every one of us.

Natratex Installers in Ash

We're licensed and trusted Natratex installers, and as such, we're proud to be able to continue offering clients and customers an incredible range of products and styles for a variety of means and purposes.


It is one of many professional resources we rely upon to help deliver such versatile services to our clients, and you can take a look at just some of the work we’ve helped to provide to people near me in our very own portfolio.

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We have a range of products which might be suitable for your project and one type could be Supercolour

If you're interested in upgrading your sports court, driveway or public access with high quality asphalt and surfacing, Natratex asphalt in a range of colours may be the right choice for you.

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